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We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacture in Food Products and manufacturing food item such as
Fruit Jam and Jelly, Tomato Ketchup and Sauce, Pickles, Vinegar, Soya Sauce,
Custard Powder, Baking Powder, Corn flour, Spices
etc from fresh Fruit and Vegetables. Our products quality are assured by manufacturing according to
(British Standard Specification) and
and we also follow Good Manufacture Product (GMP), Good Hygienic Practices (GHP), ISO standards and also we are the first and only approved manufacturer by BIRDEM for Diabetic Jellies.


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Ahmed Food Products (Pvt.) Ltd.

Ahmed Food Bhaban

M/4/4, Road # 07, Section # 07 Mirpur, Dhaka – 1216, Bangladesh.

Ashulia, village: Boro Rangamatia Savar, Dhaka

1st May 1983.

Private Limited.

Food Processing and manufacturer

Fruits Jam & Jelly, Pickles, Squashes, Tomato Sauce, Ketchup

Spices, Chanachur, Chutney, Soya, Sauce, White vinegar,Paste,Chips,Cake etc.

4 (Four)

All over Bangladesh and Exports

Bangladesh Agro-Processors’ Association (BAPA)