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About Us

Ahmed Food Products (Pvt.) Ltd.
The most popular name for food products in Bangladesh is
. We are exclusively know for our Pickels and Sauce and are well appreciated by the people.

Since the beginning, Ahmed Food has started with only four categories of products which are Jam,Jelly,Pickel and Sauce with a very small product line.
In fact it is the first recognized food industry in private sector in Bangladesh.
As the company gained acceptance from the consumers through its superior quality, the company had grown tremendously being a pioneer. The company was the first introducer of Sauce and Ketchup of Tomatoes and is the only authorized producer of Diabetic Food Products that are Sugar Free. We are the first and only quality manufacturer of Diabetic items as approved by BIRDEM( Diabetic Research Institute) and Public Health.

Our products quality is assured by manufacturing according to
(British Standard Specification) and
and we also follow Good Manufacture Product
, Good Hygienic Practices

Ahmed’s products are used in day to day life in almost all household, five star hotels,restuarants,parties,residential schools & colleges ,universities ,cadet colleges,clinics,hospitals,defence forces,airlines catering etc.

Ahmed Food’s main vision is to never compromise with quality, towards maintaining the position of market leader and sustaining it and then reach to the global market.

Ahmed Food dedicates its perpetual life to serve the mankind by providing them with the best possible food as it is the primary necessity of mankind and it is for the kind acceptance of people that Ahmed has come so far.